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Some More Pictures of Canoe Paddler fireboxes, accessories and examples of them being used

 Cooking with a Yukon and Kelly Kettle on the banks of the Grass River
 Using a Yukon with a tripod
- photo courtesy JT351
 The Yukon works with many other types of cooking kit
- photo courtesy JT351
 Yukon with top plate and Kelly Kettle in place
- photo courtesy JT351
 kettle stand takes apart and fits in kettle bag
 A local feline waiting for the kettle to boil
 Lunchtime fire with pie irons and kettle
-photo courtesy of Mal Grey
 A small folding table makes a good stand for the Yukon-photo courtesy of Mal Grey
 Nomad boiling water for tea on the banks of the Allier
 Side view of the Trinity showing cross braces
 Two Yukons side by side baking and boiling
Titanium trinity first use - courtesy of Greg S
 Parts of the Trinity laid out
 From above showing internal bracing/pot supports and opening for feeding in wood
 From the side
detail of how bracing clips into sides

prototype Trinity on test in the snow
Super Yukon part assembled