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Our trip down the lower part the Berens River on the East Side of Lake Winnipeg with Doug & Mary Dew

Unloading from the train at Red Lake, Ontario
Brew stop soon after setting off
A damp grey start to the trip
Not running that
The first and longest portage of the trip
Doug peering over a set of fully loaded packs
Crooked falls made for a noisy but scenic capsite
A basking turtle gave an opportunity for some photography
Running the short canyon through swirling rapids
simple rapids marked many of the transitions between lakes and river
Larger drops needed a portage and often some imagination to locate the route
A bug free evening allowed us to sit out and watch the moon rise
A large rock in the main flow made this rapid a bit harder
Just hold it straight and level!
Great sunsets were a feature of this trip
Another drop to shoot and then bail the water from the canoe
A fresh cold morning and mist greeted us as we emerged from the tent
After mostly dry days a wet night and we had to dig out the waterproofs
Though it dried up later as we paddled the last few miles to Berens Village
Two hours to cross Lake Winnipeg aboard a fishing boat brought us to the end of our trip.