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A sunny start to our ascent to the first hut.
Frozen lake with the 4000fters in the distance
pulling our pulk with sleeping bags, food and extra clothing. With no recent snowfall we didn't need snowshoes
The hut. Bunkrooms are off to the left
Day hiking from the hut. More snow as we got higher
Up at 4000ft. Lots of snow but zero visibility!
Winter wonderland
Heading to Carter Notch Hut
Yes, it snowed!
Nothing to do but build our own bobsleigh course from the outhouse

Frequent shovelling was needed to maintain the door way.
Lots of wet snow on the trail down.
Our car after two days in the parking lot.
Day hike in the Great Gulch Wilderness
Suspension bridge over the frozen river.
Our next hut. Perched on the mountain side
Out on a hike.