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Custom-made outdoor gear to make life easier in the backcountry

Barrel Organiser

Available in sizes to fit either a 30 liter or 60 litre barrel. Large barrel fits three organiser; small barrel fits two. Various colours and mixes available to allow for meal organisation.

$27.50 or buy 3 for $75

Paddle Joiner

Use your paddles to support your tarp. Takes paddles up to 20cm (8") wide. Takes only seconds to rig and much lighter than carrying a pole. Folds down to a fist sized package.


Saw sheath

Custom made to fit any size of folding saw, just tell me the dimensions and let me know if you want belt loops etc.
$12-$30 depending on specs. Available in a
variety of colours

Toboggan Top Duffle

Load this easy access duffle with all the items you'll need whilst on the trail. Sits on top of your tank or other gear Available with or without compression straps.
4ft:$100, 6ft:$125
(includes quick detach milspec buckle  straps)



SnowTrekker Pole Bags

Great tents but perhaps not the best pole bags in the world. Replacement bags in Cordura with a reinforced bottom and secure buckle closure.

More pictures and other ideas for custom gear here

Toboggan Tank

Makes packing your toboggan simpler and helps to keep the centre of gravity low; important if you want to avoid those annoying rollovers. 4ft bag has 3 straps, 5 ft or 6ft has 4 straps with milspec metal buckles
4ft: $95, 5ft or 6ft:$125



Manitoba made for paddlers, hikers and campers
The gear I make has evolved from years spent exploring the outdoors. I use the best materials to create functional gear that will make life easier so you can get on with enjoying your hard earned time in the back country.
Payment by Credit Card (PayPal), electronic transfer of cheque/money order. All prices are in Cdn $ and include 5% GST for Canadians