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Custom colour top duffle in Sunshine Gold and
Dark Blue 500d Cordura. #10YKK zipper with 4 sliders for easy
Full zipper duffle, 5ft long with three compression straps. Use
in place of a tank.

Custom made Whelan Lean-To in 5oz untreated cotton

Toboggan tanks maximize storage space to make the most of the narrow toboggan profile. Made from 1000d fabric on the base with lighter fabric on top that saves weight and is more flexible to fit the contours of the contents, helps keep the snow out. 

Square ends on the tank with wide opening help making packing gear simpler and reduce wasted space.
Heavy duty webbing belt featuring super strong Cobra buckle. Help keep your pants up after that big breakfast!
Barrel organisers hold there shape due to a plastic stiffener around the opening to make it easier to access your food.
Stove bags protect your stove with room for storing heat shields and gear. Bags feature a double thickness base.
Wide mouth tent bags with compression straps. Available in untreated 10oz canvas or 600d polyester canvas. Makes packing your tent much easier on a cold morning.