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 Why Fireboxes
We started making fireboxes about five years ago after reading about the ideas of Bill Mason in "Song of the Paddle" and later while browsing the internet we came across the Little Dandy by  "Eb" Ebhart a.k.a. Nimblewill Nomad.
As I had recently gained access to laser cutting facilities this seemed a good place to start so I produced a few for myself and friends, gradually evolving designs and materials based on our own trips and feedback from customers.
Occasionally I am able to buy titanium at a reasonable price and produce a few fireboxes in this fantastic material. Production runs are strictly limited however so please don't be disappointed if I am unable to supply the model you request.
We are happy to supply to anywhere in the world provided there is a reliable postal service. Our fireboxes are cut in the UK by a small independent company based in Northamptonshire in the UK or in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Exploring the Outdoors
We've spent the last twenty years taking every opportunity for hiking and canoeing both in the UK and across Europe and North America. Our trips have given us some fantastic memories, from the cultural highlights of a medieval French riverside hamlet or the wildlife in the far Canadian North each one is special.
Paddling in the UK was an all year round activity but now we live in Manitoba we have paddling season and snowshoe season.  Although it's often thought of as a poor cousin to skiing by many Europeans it is a supreme way of exploring the wilderness in winter. Winter in the Northern woods is just magical and now we are living near Winnipeg we have many more opportunities to be outside during such a special time.